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There are an incredible number of Houston back pain sufferers today. In fact 8 out of 10 Houston residents will suffer from back pain at some point in their adult life. However, there are solutions.

Fortunately most Houston back pain sufferers will find that their discomfort is short lived and will dissipate quickly. According to experts from the Texas Back Institute many Houston back pain victims can also help prevent these pains and problems through regular exercise, diet and weight control. Others can simply find relief from ice packs and heat. However 30% of the population will encounter chronic back pain that requires professional attention. Continue reading

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If you are a business owner or executive you may find that minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe is the answer to higher productivity and a better bottom line!

This is true of minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe whether you are the one suffering or your staff members. Governments around the globe have identified back pain as one of the leading factors sapping productivity in the work force. As with anywhere else many companies in Tempe find back pain the cause for many absences as well as lack of production and effectiveness while employees are on the job. Continue reading

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The words “Spine Surgery” can be scary to hear. The truth is that back and neck surgery has come a long way medically. Minimally Invasive surgery offers amazing results: smaller incisions, short hospital stays (many patients go home the same day), and fast recovery.

It is very important to research all the options for minimally invasive spine surgery in Tempe. At the Spine Center, we would be happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. We encourage our patients to bring family members to their initial appointments. Dr. Siddiqui will address and explain any condition to make sure that the patient is aware of all treatment options.

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