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According to data released by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and published at the Pain Center on MSNBC shows that in just one year 27 million adults reported suffering from back pain, a number that continues to grow rapidly.

The good news is that about 90% of these sufferers will see relief without needing spinal back surgery and will find it goes away with spine treatments like therapy. However about 5% of those with neck, leg and back pain will find that they will need some form of spinal back surgery in order to rectify the problem and find long-term spine solutions.

For those who have been suffering from back pain in Tempe for several months and have not found any of the spine treatments they have tried so far to work effectively or provide lasting solutions is spinal back surgery really worth it?

Traditional invasive, major spinal back surgery does not always provide a permanent fix. Plus of course like any other major open surgery it does come with risks and lengthy periods or convalescence and the need for lots of pain medication. Continue reading

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